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Assistance with financial matters as a Conservator, Power of Attorney, Executor, Guardian, Budget Planner, Bill Payer, and more

How We Can Help


Services include bill paying, budgeting, banking, sorting through and reconciling medical bills and health insurance coverage. Caring Stewardship manages resources on a per project basis, or serves as financial power of attorney, conservator, and/or estate executor.

There can be any number of reasons why someone might seek our services. Perhaps your plate is too full, or you’re an active

person who wants to relinquish what you see as mundane tasks. You may want more time with contemporaries and family, or to enjoy other pleasures such as hiking, fishing, or traveling. Caring Stewardship can manage your bill paying, vacation planning, or any other of our services.

We can help determine the most appropriate living situation for a loved one at risk, be it at home, independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing. We manage well-being concerns, such as setting up and coordinating arrangements for caregivers, meal preparation, housekeeping, yard care, social activities, and more.

For those eager to explore, call to learn more about Caring Stewardship’s travel concierge and non-medical travel companion services.

Caring Stewardship serves anyone who:

  • Has compromised vision or hearing
  • Has lost the spouse who used to manage the family and household finances
  • Struggles with forgetfulness
  • Has a physical and/or cognitive impairment
  • Has time constraints as a result of an overloaded schedule
  • Has become bored with paperwork and would prefer to have someone else assume those tasks
  • Needs financial oversight—adult or child

For a free consultation, please call 303.818.6498

Why Us

Expertise and Accuracy is Partly Why

However, the inability to manage one’s own funds often is extremely frustrating and painful. None of us want to feel that we've lost control in decision-making, or in having the freedom to spend monies as we wish. How the fiduciary interacts with you, a loved one, or a client is a critical component of the relationship's success.

In addition to our expertise, we are always thoughtful and respectful throughout the process of assisting our clients. We are well aware of the delicate balance between an individual’s pride and wishes, and what is safe and appropriate. With patience and sensitivity, Caring Stewardship achieves that balance.

Call 303.818.6498 for a free confidential consultation.


Claire Morrow

For more than fifteen years, Claire has guided and assisted seniors, their families, friends, as well as professionals in understanding various options and selecting the most beneficial living situation for a loved-one or client. Collaborating with families, she has helped to determine the best path to peace of mind for all concerned. As a true steward, Claire has served those who are unable to make financial and health care decisions for themselves. She always strives to bring more harmony and joy into the lives of those she assists.


What's Been Said

I knew we were “heading home,” when Claire Morrow lent her ear to our situation, looked at our resources, and sent us in the right direction. My husband, age 85, was rapidly declining because of cognitive and physical impairments caused by his advancing Parkinson’s disease. With our changing circumstances, we were blessed to find trust and compassion in Claire’s touch, and to be able to count on her fiscal responsibility and integrity. She helped us correct our course, along the way, as the decline became steeper and scarier. I knew we were in the best hands possible.
~ Hélène des Rosiers, Boulder
From our first contact, Claire Morrow’s warmth, enthusiasm, and professionalism won us over. Claire’s exceptional organization and communication skills made my 93-year-old mother’s move to Boulder much easier and less stressful than it could have been. The entire process reflected her expertise and personal oversight.
~ Susan Litwinetz, Boulder
Claire, I am just so grateful to you for bringing my mom to her new home. I was amazed at how quickly she bonded with you. I was so surprised at her cooperativeness with you – she has always been so upset when I spoke with her about moving here. You really did accomplish the impossible – it was like watching Charlton Heston parting the Red Sea when he played Moses – a true miracle!! My Mom’s transformation is wonderful and teaches us that we can continue to experience joy in life through old age! I definitely plan to keep in contact. When people like you touch lives so profoundly, it makes a huge impression. You truly are a guardian angel.
~ Mardell DuRan, Erie
I was inundated with medical bills and with explanations of benefits from my insurance company…to say it was confusing is an understatement. Claire lifted that burden: she reviewed and decoded each invoice, dealt with discrepancies, paid the providers, and ensured that I received zero-balance statements for my records. Her follow through is excellent.
~ R.M. Saunders, Boulder

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